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Gods True Prayer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gods True Prayer - Essay Example The prayer also indicates that for this relationship with Jesus to work, the Believers necessarily ought to continue to accept the truth of the message by heart and follow or imitate Christ’s righteousness sincerely. This is a way of truly knowing who belong to the Father and deserve to be with Him in the eternal life after death by the time Judgment comes. 2. What does this prayer tell us about the Believers relationship to the world? Based on this prayer, the Believers do not actually belong to the world forever. Besides being in the world temporarily to come to discover God-endowed human potentials and to appreciate His creation, the world serves as a ground where men are exposed to the physical matter, as opposed to the spiritual so that they may eventually be able to distinguish the divine nature from the human nature and the wonders of faith or forming convictions without having to see in reality Whom one has developed faith with. So in other words, the Earth becomes a p lace of huge significance as it puts each Believer’s faith to test through worldly temptations then filters who among those who initially follow Christ would be his disciple until the end. The world is a representation of what humans are prior to knowledge of God by faith. It signifies weakness of human nature or that which usually cuts the fellowship of Believers in God’s community. If one is ‘of the world’ and could not leave his material possessions behind in exchange of entering God’s kingdom, it is then impossible to be with God since His nature is divine or spiritual and is not in any way made of anything out of the world. 3. What does this prayer tell us about the Believers relationship to the Father? As he utters ‘I have made you known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them’ (John 17:26), Jesus similarly desires for the Bible readers to understand that the Believers belong to the Father as His children. Thus, he is given the essential mission of making Him known to the world so that the world may know that He is the Father in return. God expresses His unconditional love toward the Believers, being their Creator and Father who possesses immeasurable abundance in power, mercy, grace, and wisdom which He has constantly imparted mankind to this point due to His unfailing love despite man’s shortfall. Through ‘The High Priestly Prayer of Christ’, Jesus addresses the essence of establishing a relationship with God through Christ that goes beyond mere church traditions. The substance of the prayer calls for righteousness other than fulfilling religious obligations or that to a deeper extent, the Believers are anticipated to genuinely love God back for it is His desire as well for the world to comprehend that He is not a distant being or entity who only punishes the ‘evil’ and rewards the à ¢â‚¬Ëœgood’. Rather, due to the full measure of His love, He does not keep records of wrongs regardless of the number of times sins are committed thus, with an overflowing grace and compassion, He is the Father who is ready to forgive or redeem an unrighteous

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Chemical enginering assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Chemical enginering assignment - Essay Example The acetic acid which is the vapour is then cooled to obtain its distillate. From the cooler the acetic acid stream containing paracetamol and water (product) enters evaporator for concentration (increasing its concentration) by removal of certain portions of water from the product. Consider the flow diagram below; According to mass balance principle, mass of materials entering a system is equal to the mass of materials leaving the system assuming that there are neither losses within the system nor losses associated with the processes under which the materials entering the system undergo (Wacharawichanant 2012). This can be expressed mathematically as shown below, As of the case of processing paracetamol, the rate of mass of products (paracetamol) entering the evaporator is equal to rate of mass of mass of concentrate leaving the system plus rate of mass of vapour leaving the system. Mass balance can be expressed mathematically as shown below, (consider Figure 1) The mass of the products from cooler, (the mass of Acetic acid + Water + paracetamol) was 2319 Kg per hour (Kg/hr) (From L-37) of the Engineering line diagram (report 2). After evaporation the mass of the concentrate obtained per hour was 1380.85 Kg per hour. Therefore, the mass of the vapour (acetic acid vapur) assuming that no loss occurred as a result of evaporation process can be calculated as follows. In order that required quantity of paracetamol per year is obtained, and assuming other factors are constant, the product from the cooler should be fed at rate of 2319 Kilograms per hour or 55656 Kilograms per day (assuming that the plant will work 24 hours per day). A measure of concentration process that takes place in the evaporator is what is known as evaporation ratio, and it is calculated as shown above. When concentrating the solution F (dilute paracetamol) at a steady rate, the concentration rate starts

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The Importance Of Record Management

The Importance Of Record Management A record is a transaction between individuals or institutions that is first documented and then stored on a specific repository for a given, or in some cases an unspecified amount of time. Records vary in their contexts they can range from court records to state information that a country holds about its citizens i.e. birth and death certificates. Records in the current day and age are usually stored electronically on databases. Records provide an organization or government institutions with the necessary proof of the interaction with its partners, in the case of organizations, or citizens in the case of the state. Why is records management important and who is responsible for managing records in an organization? Records management is important because it essentially provides an organization or any other entity with of proof of the transaction that they have entered into with another party. It is also important in the decision making or strategic part of an organization. Kept records prevent data anomalies or inconsistencies, this is key on the part of those making decision for the company, if a department within an organization has managed to keep good track of what they have done or have not done it becomes easier for them to make decisions based on those records. Everybody in the organization is partially responsible for managing records in the organization. Employees have a responsibility to make sure that all their transactions with external parties related to the organization are kept recorded and stored electronically. However, the records manager or information officer is tasked with managing the records for the whole organization together with his/her team. The records manager is also responsible for drawing up policies that articulate the aims of his/her department to the rest of the organization. This is to make sure that everyone within the organization knows how to handle information and is also knowledgeable on the legal and corporate standards associated with records management. Outline an electronic records management cycle. I have identified four phases to the records management life cycle, with the understanding that there possibly could be more that can be identified or less. The first being: Creation. This entails the part of the cycle when records are being created or being received. The second part is: Active Records: these are records that are needed frequently. They are retrieved at least one per or month or as frequently as weekly, so these types of records are stored on readily accessible databases. The third part is: Semi-Active/Inactive Records: Semi active records are not needed for day-to-day business. Organizations need to keep them for referrals for legal reasons, of for financial reasons. They are not used often enough to warrant or justify their being stored in primary record centres. Semi-active records are often stored at a lower cost in a records centre. The fourth part being: Final disposition: The final disposition is the action that takes place when records have no more value to an organization. This phase can include physical destruction of the records of transfer of the records to the custody of an external body. What do you see as user interactions with the records? The user of the records is in the first place a part of the creation process of a particular record. Their input to the process is the relationship they have with the organization. The degree to which they interact with the records depends on the context and meaning of the relationship to an organization. Users of course could range from customers to employees. Employeesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ interaction with record should include them maintaining the records that they have created and updating them if necessary. A customer to an organization interacts with his/her record when they need to consult the business about the transaction they had with that particular business. What is an ERDMS and what are the benefits you see ERDMS bringing to your organization? An ERDMS is an Electronic Records and Documents Management System that is used for managing and storing records digitally. It is used to effectively manage paper and electronic records and documents. The benefits of such a system can in oneà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s view be separated from individual to organization. For the individual it can mean a quicker and more convenient discovery and access to information. An improved administrative efficiency and effectiveness. It could also mean the facilitation of evidence based information decision making. For the organization it could translate into secure and systematic management of unstructured data such as emails, documents and spreadsheets. And also efficiency gains with improved quality and consistency of organizational processes. Another benefit that one sees for the organization making use of this system is that there can be an enhancement of a recordkeeping culture in other words this best practice can be institutionalized to the whole of the organization. There can also be a reduction in records lost, and reduction in legal liability to exposure. An ability to integrate core business applications with core business applications with the ERDMS can enable improved records capture through automation. List the ERDMS functionalities and briefly describe each functionality indicating its importance? Functionality (a): What is stored? On these systems electronic files such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, multimedia materials etc are stored. Functionality (b): What end users can do? End users can create new documents which may or may not be records. They can also save files with limited metadata related to business functions. Functionality (c): Access and use Users can retrieve stored files. They can also receive action files accordance with workflow processes and also edit files and select whether to save as a new version or ne w document Functionality (d): Disposal. The users of the files can delete them when they do not serve any corporate or legal purpose their department or the whole organization.

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Applying Leadership Theories Essay

According to Wikipedia, leadership has been described as â€Å"a process of social influence or persuasion by which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task†. Studies of leadership have produced theories involving traits, situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision, values, charisma, and intelligence, among others. ( There are various leadership theories that have been created that encompass how a leader relates to others within and outside of the educational organization. There a six that were specifically proposed by Martin, Wright, and Danzig (2003) that are appropriate when describing educational leaders. They are Directive, Participative, Collaborative, Coaching, Affiliative, and Laissez-Faire. A leader can possess all of these styles depending on the current situation. For example, a leader can use a Directive Approach when dealing with low assessment scores especially when being pressured from his or her superiors, when deadlines are not being met, or when a teacher or staff has neglected their duties. But also display a Participative or Collaborative style by taking input from others. The leadership style that is displayed can have a negative and positive influence on the school community and the organization. It is very important to understand the styles indivially and in detail to know which ones are more and less effective in your environment. The school where I currently work just received a new principal, but prior to her there was Principal R, who had inherited her position as the leader because her entire career was built at the school. She started off her teaching career there, three years later was advanced to Reading Coach, and then was assigned as Vice Principal. The Superintendent, formal principal, and others felt that she was the best fit for the job because of her years spent there and her experience as Vice Principal. Prior to her receiving the role of prinicpal, we were excelling in reading, writing, and mathematics. The principal prior to Principal R had moved us from a failing grade of an â€Å"F† to an excelling grade of an â€Å"A†. Principal R indeed knew the ends and outs of the school because she was trained and mentored by our previous principal, Principal P. Not knowing that once the school was completely turned over to Principal R, we will be on a descending trip to failure. Principal R took a Directive approach, very similar to the Autocratic Leadership Style. By her having experience, she insisted on doing it all herself even though she had an administration team which consisted of a vice principal, reading and math coach, and an ESE liaison. She felt that the ultimate decision in any situation should be hers regardless of whom or what it affected. Research states, that Autocratic Leaders often maintain authority by force, intimidations, threats, rewards, punishment, or position ( If you challenged Principal R in any way, regardless of how simple or how large the issue may have been your evaluation would be affected. Principal R used this role for her own personal gains. Principal R had built many personal relationships prior to her taking on the leadership role, those relationships were soon affected when she became principal. Favoritism became a common word around the school. Things that we thought we would never get away with, was done often by the people in Principal R’s circle. This leadership style brought a negative image to the school. The morale went down and teacher’s lost their drive for teaching. Our school grade went from an â€Å"A† to a â€Å"C†, then to a â€Å"B† to an â€Å"F†. Principal R was transferred to another school where we hope her style would change for the benefit of the vision of the school. While under the leader of Principal R, we also had Vice Principal E, who was a very sweet person with more than 16 years of experience in the education field. Our school was labeled for having struggling readers which put more accountability upon the teachers. Regardless of what issues the st udents had years prior or even home structure that affected their abilities to read, we were held accountable for them if they were below average or even failing. Vice Principal E shared many strategies with us that were very beneficial to our students. Her education specialty was ESE and autism; we were able to use those same strategies to assist our students. Vice Principal E displayed a Coaching Leadership style also very similar to an Instructional Leadership style. Her main concern was teaching and learning and assist us in relaying information in a way that the students comprehended. Instructional leadership focuses on modeling, monitoring, professional dialogue and discussion (Bush, 2002). She mentored us on what routes we should use to assist our students. She increased our confidence and also our test scores. When the results came in and we seen how much gains our grade level had shown, Vice Principal E took no credit, even though it was all because of her. She remained in the mentor role and assisted us in anything we may have needed. Vice Principal E was surplused to another school due to budget issues and was missed dearly when she departed. We are currently under the leadership of Principal K, which is the true reason why I am pursing my master’s degree. Principal K is a new principal, but has 12 years experience as a vice principal in secondary education. Principal K is a true leader that models and motivates others to accomplish goals, while at the same time encouraging others to work toward their own professional goals. Principal K, came ready to work but with little knowledge of what direction to start. Principal K created groups of those teachers and staff, whom prior had experience at the school to assist her with understanding the vision and desegregating the data. Once Principal K understood the vision and the direction of where the school should be headed, she quickly took the Collaborative approach, also known as the Democratic Leadership style. She involved the faculty, staff, and stakeholders in the decision making process. Even though the final decision would be ultimately made by Principal K, she allowed everyone to be a part of the process. She allowed them to have the sense of belonging of being a part of the team. She encourages participation, values our opinions, group discussions, and motivates us to become leaders as well. Principal K’s leadership style provides direction and guidance. She states often that even though her title is principal her job description is to work for us and whatever we need to give the students a quality education, she will make sure it is provided. Overall, leadership styles is the manner and approach of providing direction, creating visions, implementing and acting on plans, and motivating people to excel beyond their comfort zone. Leaders styles will vary based on situations. A leader does not strictly lean toward one style, however one may seem to be dominate over another, but it all depends on the situation at hand. My goal is to use the styles that are most effective and meant to strengthen the performance of the teacher, staff and students and also the styles that will bring improvement on student achievement. References . Bush, Tony 2003. Theories of Educational Management, 3rd edn. London: Sage.

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Time-division multiplexing

A user of a home telephone picks up her phone and makes a telephone call to a friend's home telephone in another part of town. Which of the following is likely to be true about this call? A. It uses a single pair of wires on the local loop at each end of the call 2. Which of the following are services that telcos have offered as WAN services over the years? A. Switched analog circuits B. Dedicated digital circuits 3. This chapter claims that IP routers work well as devices that connect to many different types of interfaces, including LANs and WANS.Which of the following answers list the reasons why routers do well in this role? A. Routers have much faster CPUs and can do the hard work to translate the incoming datalink header into the outgoing data-link format D. Routers discard old data-link headers and insert new data-link headers as part of their logic, which treats each Interfaces lower-layer detallds as Independent from each other 4. An enterprise network has many routers that c onnect to both a LAN as well as the WAN. Which of the following statements best describe how routers typically use and think about their WAN connections?B. As a transport service to deliver IP packets to the next Ip router 5. An enterprise builds a WAN design on paper. The main site, where all the servers sit, is shown in the center ofa network diagram. The WAN has a leased line from that site to every remote site, with the remote sites drawn around the edges of the drawing In a big circle. None of the remote sites have a leased line directly between them. Which of the following terms is most typically used to describe this WAN topology? D. Hub-and-spoke 6. A U. S. based company wants to order a leased line between two sites, with the eased line using the traditional T-carrier DSO, DSI, and DS3 types of lines. Which of the following answers describes the speed and distances for the leased line? A. No faster than 43,736 Mbps (T3) D. No literal distance Ilmltatlon 7. A telco customer has purchased a Tl leased line between two sites. The customer has already bought a router for one site, with a serial interface card with a built-in CSU/DSU. Which of the following answers lists other physical parts that the customer will need for that sites installation of the Tl leased line?B. A serial cable 8. A telco customer has a Tl leased line between two sites, called sites A and B. he telco has several switches between sites A and B that use T3 trunks. These switches use the T3 trunks along with time-division multiplexing (TDM) to create the leased line from site A to B. which of the following answers is true about how TDM works in this design? C. The switches map the Tl customer lines to one of 28 different frequencies in the T3 trunks 9. A telco network has TDM switches in the CO, ready to support Tl leased lines to customer sites.Two such switches have a single T3 trunk connecting the two switches, set aside to support T Is that run Just between those two co swltcnes. n lcn 0T tne Tollowlng answers Dest aescrlDes tne numDer 0T customer T Is the telco can support with these switches and the trunk? C. 28 10. A customer ordered a full Tl leased line between two sites. The telco implemented that leased line in its network using the T-carrier technology discussed in this chapter, with DSI, DS2, and DS3 lines plus switches that use time-division multiplexing (TDM) logic.Into which of the following general WAN categories does this service fit? B. Packet switching 1 1 . A telco customer orders a leased line between sites A and B, with requested speed of 1. 024 Mbps. The customer plans to use an external CSU/DSU at each site. The telco uses only T-carrier technology and none of the more modern options like SONET, ATM, MPLS, or Metro Ethernet. Which of the following answers is true about the speeds used on this link? B. The physical line between the telco CO and site B uses a line speed of 1. 2544 Mbps 12.A telco customer orders a leased line between sites A and B, with requested speed of 512 Kbps. The customer plans to use an external CSU/DSU at each site. The telco uses only T-carrier technology and none of the more modern options like SONET, ATM, MPLS, or Metro Ethernet. Which of the following answers is true about the speeds used between the router and the CSU/ DSU? A. THe CSU/DSU controls the router's sending and receiving speeds using clocking 13. Which of the following answers are true about DSI framing and channels? A. Each frame has 193 bits C.The frame groups 8 bits together for each of 24 channels, plus overhead 14. Which of the following data-link protocols was created to be used on leased lines, with support for multiple Layer 3 protocols by including a Type field that identifies the type of packet inside the data-link frame? C. PPP 15. Which fields that exist in both the HDLC and PPP headers have such relatively small use in point-to-point leased lines today, to the point that the PPP standards actually allows the nodes t o simply not bother to include these fields when sending PPP frames?B. Address C. Control 16. Think about the differences in a circuit switching the T-carrier system (ignoring analog circuit switching) versus packet switching. Which of the following answers are true about packet switching, but not about circuit switching? B. The telco switch can queue the data waiting on the congested outgoing to trunk to become available D. The switches look at the bits to find an address, and use that address to make a choice where to send the bits 17.In a Frame Relay network, which of the following terms refers to the customer router that connects to the Frame Relay network? D. Access link 18. Which of the following answers is not true about a Frame Relay network? B. Defined by the telco ahead of time, when the customers orders the service 19. A new Frame Relay customer is considering two competing Frame Relay design for his WAN. One design uses a full-mesh topology of PVCs between the 20 routers . The second design uses a partial mesh that looks like a hub-and-spoke design.Assuming that all other technical details not mentioned in this question are the same when comparing the two designs, which of these answers are true about the partial-mesh design but not true about the full-mesh design? A. Not all routers can send a Frame Relay frame alrectly to eacnotner B Frame Relay Trames, wlll De Torwaraea Dy tne network Dasea on the DLCI field in the Frame Relay 20. Which two of the following WAN services make good use of protocols that enterprise have used for many years, with those protocols being expanded and enhanced to create new types of WAN services?

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Crime Is A Crime And Crime - 999 Words

Throughout time when a criminal commits a crime, the immediate response from the public is that they deserve a punishment for their crime. Some of the crimes that offenders act upon range on the spectrum: from a minor crime to a major crime. When an offender commit a minor crime it is known as a misdemeanor and the punishment consists of a year or less in county jail. However, for a serious major crime, offenders are charged with a felony which includes a punishment of a year or more in prison. Additionally, the lowest crime is an infraction, in which an offender violates a law and are punished through fines. Through the punishments received for the crimes committed, it is a way for criminals to pay for their crimes. However, criminals that commit a misdemeanor and felony crimes, even after completing their sentences, never truly atone for their crimes. As mentioned before an infraction (also known as violations) are petty offenses that are punishable by fines, but not jail time(N OLO). These are minor offenses that people commit on a daily basis and they atone for their violation. The usual infraction that people in our society commit are traffic offenses, such as a speeding ticket. For example, let’s say Mary receives a speeding ticket. After Mary and the officer who issued the ticket testify, the judge concludes that Mary was speeding. Mary s punishment is limited to a fine and the addition of a point to her driving record. Since it is something that is not unusual,Show MoreRelatedCrime : Crime And Crime1688 Words   |  7 Pagesdetermined that a crime is committed every second a day. Given the data by the FBI’s crime clock, a violent crime such include murder, robbery, rape and assaults occurs every 23.9 Seconds in the United State. Property crime including burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft every 3.4 seconds a day. 55% of Americans say crime is an extremely or very serious problem in the U.S. Another 38% view the U.S. crime problem as moderately serious, while one in 20 consider it not serious. Crime has increase inRead MoreCrime, Crime And Crime1551 Words   |  7 Pageslarge and dramatic drop in not only its victims of crime but also the amount of crimes that have been reported to the local police, even though this community already has extraordinary low crime states. The crime states in Lowville show a huge fall across all different levels of crime; this includes a 12.2 per cent drop of criminal damage offences and a 12.8 percent drop in drug offences. Moreover, they have also seen a fall in the statistics for crimes such as robbery, this has dropped by 7.5 per centRead MoreCrimes And Crimes Of The Crimes945 Words   |  4 Pages Crimes can be committed by everyone. The brutality of the crimes has increased throughout the years while the age of criminals is younger than prior criminals who committed the same crimes. Innocent lives are often lost in these acts of violence, such as what had happened at Columbine. Children who commit malicious crimes can either be tried as a child or an adult. Children tried in the juvenile courts are able to get out of jail around or before they turn 21. Juvenile courts are meant to rehabilitateRead MoreThe Crime Of Crime And Crime1180 Words   |  5 PagesCrime is everywhere. It dominates news broadcasts and newspapers. It also takes up the majority of television shows and movies. As well as a great deal of fiction novels and books. Controlling and fighting crimes are essential for the safety of citizens. Also the credibility and power of a government are affected greatly by how they handle crime and deal with criminals. When a crime takes place, the part that fascinates peo ple the most is how the offender is captured and brought to justice (NathanRead MoreCrime : Crime And Crime1059 Words   |  5 PagesLarge or small, crime affects us all. Whether it is presented to you on a personal level, or you happened to have heard it one the news while you and your family were enjoying a nice Sunday meal. In the words of Jeff Mariotte â€Å"Crime touches us all† (Mariotte, Jeff P1). This is shown to us in the popular television series Criminal Minds because of the way the producers and show writers portray the act of crimes as well as the accuracy of the crime, the inside look of what is going on in the criminals’Read MoreCrime : Crime And Crime2447 Words   |  10 PagesCrime has always existed in some shape or form. However, the question about how crime much crime exists has always been the source of some discrepancy. Knowing how much crime exists at certain points in time is very important to law enforcement, criminal justice researchers, po liticians and other public officials. Being able to measure the amount of crime allows the creation and tracking of crime trends. This allows those concerned with crime trends to better adjust their tactics or methods inRead MoreCrime : Crime And Crime Essay1878 Words   |  8 PagesCrime is ever present in our society. Unfortunately, crime has become seamlessly woven into our social fabric and structure. Crime creates societal concern, tension and in some cases may cause panic. No society or group is immune to crime and crime will never be totally regulated or controlled. This is because crime has a certain allure to us all. In effect, everyone in any society has the potential to be a criminal not because we are all bad people but because of the temptation that crime can createRead MoreCrime And The Crimes Of Crime Essay1949 Words   |  8 PagesAccording to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2006) crime is defined as â€Å"an offence punishable by the State on behalf of the general public whose standards do not permit the offending behaviour.† Whilst countless studies have been conducted over the years surrounding crime and the committing of crimes by individuals’, there has also long been debate surrounding whether or not crime is gendered and if so, to what extent. Over the decades a number of studies have been conducted in order to answerRead MoreThe Crime Of A Crime981 Words   |  4 PagesA Crime To Be Poor? Many people are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet and making less money than ever before. Being poor has now become almost illegal in a country that punishes you for falling victim to poverty. Many are being discriminated for not having a place to call home. City ordinances are making it almost impossible for the homeless to have their needs met. According to Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Is It Now A Crime To Be Poor, If you re laying on a sidewalk, whetherRead MoreCrime Movie : Crime And Crime859 Words   |  4 PagesCrime in film What is on television today? We have lots of different kinds of shows out there these days. We have the shows that are for children like Ant Farm, Jessie, and My Little pony. These shows are safe for children, and they are as some may say safe. Next you have the shows for young adults like Once Upon A Time, Pretty Little Liars, and Digi-mon. Show like this is when producers start to add the violence, fighting, and public display of affection. This is also the age frame that the video

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Writing Is The Most Popular Medium Of Communication. Even

Writing is the most popular medium of communication. Even though it is just a few symbols put together to make sense, but it is more than that. It is a tool for expressing your thoughts, emotions in a creative way. This simple and common form of communication has so many curative values. The best thing about writing is jotting down your thought about something makes you comfortable. Moreover, it helps to communicate complicated concepts smoothly. Writing contributes coping up with anger, anxiety, and depression too. There have been many times; it has helped many individuals. The research found out that expressive writing has many healing values. An experiment was conducted to test this idea in which 63 professionals who were recently†¦show more content†¦This happens a lot when one has a topic which requires technical research. For such topics, one mostly thinks perfectionism is the right answer. I struggle with it a lot, and if I cannot seek it, I lose my confidence quickly which then follows other unfortunate events like isolation and spending weeks on one piece ignoring other subjects. This results in not taking feedback positively which is the worst as there are no chances of progress. These all factors result in not sharing your work with anyone. Most of the students like me also go through the problem of loaded work. There are so many courses, and all of them require submissions. The problem I face the most is time management. I cannot distribute my time efficiently which leads to anxiety, anger, and even depression sometimes and it further results in low grades which are not affordable. Therefore, I use some strategies to keep up with my classes. To overcome my fear of not getting everything perfect, I let things move forward the way they are. I do my research on the given topic and then start writing it without a lot of what ifs. Moreover, to keep it focussed I read a lot before writing but I keep the reading very focused to the topic. I also use sticky PC sticky notes if I find a relevant research within research. I have not mastered the skill of time management yet, but I have tried, and it has worked well for me. It is setting my work my priority. I do not try to complete my workShow MoreRelatedThe Era Of The Heian Era1131 Words   |  5 Pagesone looked with a scrutinizing eye, he/she would have found beauty even in the most meagre things. Men and women alike praised the opposite gender for their beauty, but the praise was not limited to humans, it extended deeper into the Heian daily life. For a Heian aristocrat, a large part of beauty was observed in how he/she communicated with others, and that was through poetry. The poet had to be careful in the prose, the writing style, and the way the letter was presented. In an era where beautifulRead MoreEssay on Academic vs Mainstream Writing877 Words   |  4 Pageswritten for scholars and articles written for popular audiences. According to Anne Johns, the author of â€Å"Discourse Communities and Communities of Practice,† there are ten conventions or moves that exist only in academic prose and when violated, author is seen as an outsider of the discourse community. John Swales (â€Å"Create a Research Space† (CARS) Model Research Introductions) and Ken Hyland also talk about writing and the similarities between all academic writing in â€Å"Create a Research Space† (CARS) ModelRead MoreHow Internet Slangs Affect language?889 Words   |  4 Pages30, which most of the people within this age group is contacting with Internet slangs most frequently. For the questionnaire, we interviewed one hundred people and student in City University of Hong Kong, and half of interviewees are boys while the others are girls. The template of questionnaire is attached as appendix for reference, and the result and data collected are shown as below. It is expected that the use of Internet slangs among this age group is widely distributed, and most of them haveRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effect On Society1625 Words   |  7 Pagesor Instagram, people aged 13 to 35 have been constantly discovering new ways to interact with each other through a digital medium. But given the enormity of social media, it can only be expected that its effects are just as great. One of the key areas social media affects in these people is language. Therefore, messaging in social media and other forms of digital communication are expanding American young adults’ vocabulary, their attitude towards language, and the forms in which they communicateRead MoreNeil Postmans Amusing Ourselves to Death: A Review1566 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿No Longer Fun Neil Postmans Amusing Ourselves to Death is a trenchant piece of social commentary about the very nature of society at the time of his writing in the final decades of the 20th century. The book assesses the importance of television in the lives of its viewers, and denotes how that importance itself shapes those lives and, by extension, the surrounding world. The particular time in which this manuscript was published is immensely significant, since it occurred a year after 1984Read MoreMy Experience At The Press Conference Of A Football Game993 Words   |  4 Pagesthe course. The lessons learned will forever shape my writing habits and academic experience. The first paper that I wrote was an auto-biography about an experience in my life that shaped my reading/writing skills and attitudes. I elaborated about my experience at the press conference of a football game, and how this jump-started a love of writing. In completing this assignment, I realized how we are not born writers, but that writing is a skill developed through practice and experiences. Read MoreThe Current Era Of Media1494 Words   |  6 Pagesthat made many people to think that The medium is the message. McLuhan clearly support the notion that media increases the desire and new purposes. (Dekay, Sam H, 2014, page 51-52) He said that media is an extension of the human body, it represents the development so that we understood that the development is needed now, in order to adapt to human needs the science and technology. Thus, the medium is the message to emphasize that the use of communication tools have profoundly. (McLuhan, 1964, pageRead MoreCommunication Improved Through the Use of Texting and Facebook1314 Words   |  6 PagesCommunication Improved Through the use of Texting and Facebook What is communication? Communication can be defined as the process of exchanging information, ideas and messages from one person to another. An important factor in communication is the existence of a medium through which the message is being communicated; this may include the use of letters, emails, texts, word of mouth as well as social networks such as Facebook. One of the communication mediums that are now being used widely is theRead MoreThe Work Of Art And The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction1180 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to the definition of the word media is, â€Å"The main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet), regarded collectively.† Mass communication inventions like paper, the printing press, and film changed the foundations in which society was built on. In todays society, it seems like everyday there is a new development in media that â€Å"will change our lives†. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, are all forms of mass media, but one could dispute thatRead MoreSociology Paper-Social Medias Impact on Society1480 Words   |  6 Pagesin a Communication Revolution. What with new communication technologies being created and released, almost habitually, our society finds it easier to communicate with the person of their choice at any time of the day, through whichever communicational means fits best, and no matter their location around the globe. That it is so is true, even more so now than ever through new social media sites, like Facebook. The focus of this paper identifies some of the capabilities that many of the most popular